Singapore & Thailand Soon!

By Nathan Hughes Hamilton via Flickr.

By Nathan Hughes Hamilton via Flickr.

Last fall I won two free round trip tickets from San Francisco to Singapore on Singapore Airlines at an event put on by Travel Massive. I (really!) never win these kinds of contests, but somehow I got lucky, very lucky!

After being totally overwhelmed with the sheer number a of promising destinations just a short flight from Singapore, we settled on Thailand, just Thailand, in addition to a few days in Singapore. We have 2 weeks to travel, and we want to feel like we’ve really gotten a sense of the places we visit instead of rushing from place to place.

Within Thailand, we’ve decided to visit Bangkok and Chiang Mai — skipping the beaches and instead heading to the mountains. We’ll probably include a few days in a smaller city or town near by Chiang Mai, but we have decided yet. Maybe on motorbikes?! We’re totally new to Thailand and doing our best to learn much more quickly, by the end of the month when we embark.

Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated!

On Stage in Front of Thousands of People

Angela Petersen on stage at World Domination Summitt

By Armosa Studios.

Sometimes the biggest most challenging adventures in our lives are personal and internal — not nearly as easily shared as a trip around the world. I love big adventures that bring us outside of ourselves. They give us an opportunity to imagine ourselves differently — in a different context, with a different identity. And I think they help prepare us for the internal adventures too.

I recently had an opportunity to share a story about this kind of personal adventure at the World Domination Summit, a great event in Portland that I’ve attend for a the last few years. In front of more than 2200 people.

Angela Petersen on stage at WDS

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s talking. (Whenever I’ve jokingly said this to family or friends, it always elicits a knowing laugh. So I guess I’m not the only one who thinks this.) I don’t usually get nervous, but this was a whole new level — sharing something I’d felt self conscious about for a long time, that I’d really only spoken about with my nearest and dearest, and on a real stage with blindingly bright lights. One minute and thirty seconds isn’t very long to say much of anything. Every word counts, and therefore they need to be chosen and memorized in advance.

>> CLICK TO WATCH: Angela at WDS 2015

I spoke about finding love after being single for nearly a decade. Initially I didn’t realize how strongly I identified with being single — me, alone, against the world, even though I’d experienced the world as a largely hospitable and welcoming place.

On my first date with Cesar, I described myself to him as single and had an epiphany. If I wanted this man in my life, I was gonna have to change how I thought about myself. Recognizing this pattern and letting it go has been easier than expected in the day to day of our relationship, but less so in other ways.

It’s definitely been a great adventure, as was getting on stage to talk about it!


P.S. — Here’s a little more about love and my adventure of the heart. And, thanks to Faisal for taking the video!